JC’s Total Body Transformation: The very best workouts for strength, fitness, and function (Inglés)

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  • Título: JC’s Total Body Transformation: The very best workouts for strength, fitness, and function
  • Autor: Juan Carlos Santana
  • Formato: PDF de Alta Calidad 273 páginas
  • Idioma: Inglés original
  • Año Edición: 2019
  • Editorial: Human Kinetic
  • Descarga inmediata

JC’s Total Body Transformation: The very best workouts for strength, fitness, and function

If you’re ready to transform your body and perfect your athletic skills, then this is the book for you. Based on solid exercise science principles and tested with thousands of clients, JC’s Total Body Transformation gives you over 110 workouts that can be plugged into any training plan right now to transform your body, improve your athletic performance, build strength and endurance, and produce the results you want. This text also addresses recovery technique and nutritional interventions that will support your transformation journey.

Author JC Santana has spent over 30 years working with professional and collegiate athletes, weekend warriors, and serious strength and fitness clients, and he’s developed hundreds of workouts that are proven to work. You won’t get a lot of fluff here: You’ll get an introduction on how to use these workouts, an explanation of why JC’s training philosophy works, instructions on how to coach the workouts, and his simple philosophy on assessment and progressions—and then the rest is all workouts. Check out what’s packed inside these pages:

• More than 110 ready-to-use workouts for body transformation, strength, and endurance

• Nutrition tips to help torch fat and build muscle

• Suggestions for faster recovery

• Bonus workouts from industry giants in athletic performance, bodybuilding, and physique competition

• Tips on using multiple pieces of equipment—including barbells, dumbbells, and medicine balls—to target different muscles and add variety

• Equipment suggestions and reviews

The best part is that you can use these workouts with any current training plans, so you have plenty of options to customize your training. These workouts take into account the unique needs of men and women, and there is even guidance on how to sequence workouts sequentially or successively to create daily, monthly, and yearly programs.

Make every exercise count and avoid boredom with the same old routine. JC’s Total Body Transformation is your instant guide to transforming your body, optimizing performance, and maximizing function.

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